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When we think of Real Estate, we think of those fancy, turnkey homes with beautiful views and a fantastic price tag to match!  No one ever thinks of that dilapidated mid century, (as in last century), home that has a ton of garbage or unwanted items littering the property.  Or the vacant lot that may have been transferred by inheritance and is just becoming overgrown and forgotten.  Who helps these people manage their "assests"?  We do! At Prop-Solutions we provide all types of options  and alternatives to help people unladen themselves of their unwanted Real Estate.  We find the solution that fits the seller best and more often than not, it's CASH!

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With fixed income and retirement, comes uncertainty.  Even more-so when living in a home that is in constant need of repairs, within a neighborhood that has drastically changed, and feeling vulnerable living by your-elder-self.  There wasn't a Realtor in sight that wanted to help me sell my unsightly home.  Prop-solutions gave me an out, with a lot of cash in just 30 days!  And all I had to do was take what I wanted with me! The relief alone from being unburdened with that living situations is just Priceless!

Sandy Williams

As an Investor, I look first to Prop-Solutions.  They are more than fair in their dealings!  They have years of experience and connections with all sorts of settlement services, rehab vendors and local programs.  It's a seamless transaction as always, thanks!

Casey Johnson

With limited income, credit and down payment, it was always our dream to fix up a charming home on a mature street.  Prop-Solutions not only had the right neighborhoods in mind they were able to give us a lot of information on programs available.  We were able to secure a FHA loan that not only helped us buy our home but gave us a sizeable loan to fix it with!  In less than a year we have refinanced our home that has doubled in value because of the work we put into it and we are living our DREAM!

Robbie White

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We are happy, free of charge, to assess your property and give you all of your options up front and with full disclosure.  Securely subscribe with your email, text us with your questions, or email us your property address for a cash offer.


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